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Welcome to Halloweenvillage.net!  We are dedicated to bringing you the best up to date information on Halloween miniature villages, and their different collectors pieces.

Within the site you will find many different Collector's Halloween villages to choose from, including Hawthorne, department 56 and Lenox.  If you are looking to buy a Collector's Halloween village we have a selection that will fit your needs at the best price available.

Collector's Halloween Villages have been very popular throughout the years, especially if you love the Halloween season.  If you love to go all out and decorate for the season, there is nothing that quite tops off the Halloween mood in a house or at a Halloween party than a Halloween village.

There are literally thousands of different characters, accessories, and buildings that you can choose from to customize your set to fit your taste.

There are so many things to choose from and every year there are new sets that come out that allow you to add a new twist or feel to your village.

You can spend hours; even days trying to find new pieces for your village, but the thing is that there are so many interesting unique pieces that you don’t even realize where the time has gone.

Collecting Halloween village pieces is a hobby for many people around the nation that enjoy this special time of year.

It is so popular because of the reasons mentioned before you can choose from some many pieces to fit your unique tastes and it is enjoyable to look through all of the options, then when you find that new piece that just jumps out at you and you can picture it as part of your set, you get a sense of accomplishment just like you when you solve a complex puzzle.

Some of these options range from the simplest little figure of a kid in a white sheet ghost costume or a Halloween mailbox all the way to a very complex haunted house with several figures that go with the piece.

Along with a wide range of choices  in figures and accessories there is a wide range of prices for people that are just looking to put a few figures on a counter top to top off the mood for a party, or all the way up to the most detail villages for the big time collector.

The choice is yours but it is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages and work well as gifts too.

Famous  Dept 56 Halloween Village Accessories

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